Noel G. Brizuela

Earth system specialist

PhD candidate @ Scripps Institution of oceanography

Born and raised in Guadalajara (Mexico) and based in San Diego since 2017, I am fascinated by variety. Doing research in Earth systems is fulfilling because it gives me a front row seat to witness and understand some of the rarest and most impressive configurations of the elements that make up our planet. Whether I’m working to understand tropical cyclones, underwater landslides, or mega cities, I strive to find simple, fundamental principles that can help us appreciate the uniqueness of subjects and the world we live in.

I started this blog to host my professional and personal work, including research, essays, and other media/resources. Outside of work, I’m passionate about food and drink, art and design, and anthropology. Posts in this blog cover everything from Earth systems research, essays on social and cultural issues, miscellaneous photos and videos, and the occasional recipe/food review. See my latest posts.